CS101C: Updating MetaPRL

To make sure you are running the latest class version of the MetaPRL system, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Go to the meta-prl directory that you have set up for Part I of the Homework 1.
  2. Run cvs update -d -P
  3. Make sure the THEORIES line in the mk/config file reads
    THEORIES=base itt cs101
    THEORIES=base itt cs101
  4. When upgrading berween rev 11 and rev 12, you need to erase all the binary files. Run make clean, then rm -f theories/*/*.prlb
  5. Unless you ran make clean, run make depend
  6. Run make opt

If everything is done correctly, the version string you will get when running mpxterm should be 0.8.3 (CS101 rev 12).


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